Richard Cornell




Piano Solo


Toccata (Piano solo) 6-7 minutes


Sturnus Vulgarus (Piano Solo) 5 minutes


The Lutine Bell (Piano solo) 6 minutes


Six Piano Pieces (Piano solo) 16 minutes


Mango Tango, Dark Mango Tango (piano solo), 8 minutes


Solo with piano


Scherzo for viola and piano 5 minutes


Two Pieces for Two Violas, 6 minutes


Sonata for Cello and Piano (cello and piano) for Pieter Wispelwey, 12 minutes


Lament for John (violin and piano) 6 minutes




Reis Glorios variations for viola da gamba, 6 minutes


Dosewallips (violin and marimba), for Marimolin, 8 minutes


Nocturne (viola and digital sound on CD) 10 minutes


Aqua Alta (Violin solo), for Peter Zazofsky, 8 minutes


Ricercare, (Guitar) for Lou Arnold, 6 minutes


Songs with piano


Along the Midnight Edge, (texts of Walt Whitman) Baritone voice and piano, 12 minutes.


Four Songs (Wylie, Lawrence, Pound, Adams) Soprano voice and piano, 10 minutes